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Photography is for me a spiritual practice of intense attention and focus, followed in the studio with reflection and reverence. In nature I strive to focus intently on the beauty that surrounds us, and to study the finer details that we so often overlook. In human and urban settings I aspire to be acutely aware of people's behaviors, moods, relations and creations from the awesome to the ridiculous.
I am fascinated by natural form, especially abstract, dynamic and chaotic forms such as volcanic rocks, ocean waves, tree bark, the play of light on creeks.
Liquid Light
Water is my special subject. My fascination is partly with the energy and dynamism of water and with waves, which are most clearly manifested in water but are present in every layer of existence from quanta to galaxies. Partly with the fact that water responds to and is shaped by all the other elements: from beaches, banks and streambeds, through winds and tides, to the gravity of sun and moon. Although it is transparent and emits no light of its own, it
reflects and refracts all other light sources in magical ways that are always unexpected and always changing.
The motivation for my photography lies in a mindful and open-minded approach to reality that is alert and awake to all the energy and dynamism of existence. I hope that my reflective titles, acting as counterpoint or commentary to the images, can evoke deeper appreciation, not just of these photos, but far more importantly, of reality itself.

Exhibitions and Awards
Whitechapel Gallery, London. Exhibition: Portugal
Population Institute Global Media Award
United Nations Environment Program Global 500 Laureate

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